We design products for museum shops.

We care about every detail, material, stitch, glaze, fiber, chunk, and droplet. Yes, every one. Oh, right, and every thread, fuzz, shard, pulp, string… You get the point. We love textures. We love materiality. We love detail. We love color. (And, we just might love you.)


We create signature product collections.

For you, our lovely museum shops and organization vendors, we design custom products for the shelves at the right price point at the right time for the right shoppers. Our spankingly precise and festive process gets you a sterling it-could-be-only-yours masterpiece of a product every time. We're just sayin'. We collaborate with you from design idea to production and take care of every step along the way, if you wish. Whether it be your smart architecture or your museum's pièce de résistance or a new acquisition, we celebrate its essence with a new product design for you. And, we revel in the details until we get it custom-for-you perfect.

For you, our boutique stockists, we create custom products and offer designorange limited edition collections. Orange goods await you in our ever-growing jewelry, furniture, lighting, and dishware collections. Uh huh.


Want something else?

Ask us for an extra boost of je-ne-sais-quoi. We'd love to collaborate on some juicy things with you.

To orange up your life, email us at


What's orange?

Lovely stuff that makes your life more enjoyable while you mingle, mix, dine, sit, and live.