how we orange

our design process

We are an energetic, curious, and chromatically insatiable design studio in New York City. We are obsessed with colors and materials and textures. We are inspired by big ideas and small details (and, okay, right, that perfect cup of espresso at an art museum cafe). We care about what makes a space a place, and we aspire to make meaningful things that matter to you.

we go places

We travel in our own town. We step out the door of our HQ—in the most diverse county in the world—and soak in design and color and language from all over the world. We nourish our design practice in the serenity of museums and the chaos of the streets. And, we travel far away. We travel to places that smell like curry or anise or dirt or honey. If you can drag us away from the bliss of the design studio, you'll find us packing our suitcases to experience the colors of somewhere new.

we get ideas





we sip


we make

Here, the Utopia jewelry collection being fabricated by the lovely and talented Campbell Argenzio of Associated Fabrication.


we finesse

we finesse

we make more prototypes

we finesse

we finesse

we finesse

we finesse



we deliver


you orange clients want

to be a part of the design

process? bring it on at any

(or every) step of the way,

if your orangeness desires.