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Check out a few of the past collections we've sold out. If you're so inspired, dream up your desired treasure or check and see if we can squeeze one of these out of the orange archives to put into production for you.

cocktail lingo coasters. Get out the cocktail chatter for your next soirée. Messages include: shaken, stirred, neat, dirty, virgin, burnt, dry, and on the rocks.

asterisk rug spots [sans in cherry and jet]. Be spot on with this dose of minimalist typography. Yes, an asterisk marks something notable. That would be you! 100% ecological wool felt.

lovebirds placemats. Place these under your entrées to get a few extra pecks. Eco-cardstock manufactured with wind energy.

heartbreaker doilies. Toss around at your holiday fête to let everyone know you mean business Tom Petty-style.

coworker compliments. Appreciate those sharing that uninspiring fluorescent light. 100% PCW, 100% recycled.

disaster etiquette cards. A divorce? A flooded basement? An irate teen? Send these along to friends in need of a little support from life's mishaps. Messages include: sorry to hear about the quake, sorry to hear about the spill, sorry to hear about the volcano, sorry to hear about the tornado, and sorry to hear about the flood.

latin love notes. Leave a bit of spice after a cozy siesta. Messages include: cuidado, hot stuff and you are finer than flan.

lunch notes [sweet messages for kid lunches]. Tuck one next to the peanut butter-and-honey concoction, and head out to the mini-van. Card messages include: impressive job yesterday, you are magical, i believe in you, yum, you are a shining star, well done you, you are amazing, good luck - i hope you ace that test, and you are extraordinary. 100% PCW, 100% recycled.

bedside manners [mod love notes for the pillow]. Kick it old school with a contemporary twist on old-fashioned calling cards. Channel Emily Post groupies by leaving sappy sweet nothings on the 400-thread count. Cards say: divine, smokin' fine, good morning lover, sleep tight sexy, you are darn cute, smooch, too cool, and wanna nap later? Cards: 100% PCW, 100% recycled. Envelopes: 30% PCW.

sea star coasters. Want an endless summer? These letterpress coasters will bring the beach home - without leaving sand in your shoes. Ink on 40% recycled European pulpboard printed sustainably on a centuries-old letterpress.